I received a “Sign-in attempt from new device” email from SendCrypto, but I didn’t sign in on a new device. Is this legitimate? What should I do?

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– Legitimate SendCrypto notifications will come from a sendcrypto.com email address (like “[email protected]”). If you received this notification but didn’t try to sign into SendCrypto on a new device, you should access your account and take the following steps to secure your account in the Settings menu:
-Change your password
-Keep in mind that any time you clear cookies on a web browser or use a new web browser, SendCrypto will consider this login a “new device.”

It may be helpful to change your email password as well, since someone with access to your email could make changes to your SendCrypto account. We also recommend confirming that the phone number on file with your SendCrypto account is current.

If you’re concerned about the security of your account or if you see any unauthorized transactions, contact us directly right away. More information about SendCrypto security can be found here. (put link to: Security (HC) )

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