How does sharing payments work? 

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– You can set the privacy setting on a payment or purchase on an individual basis. If you don’t want to change the privacy setting every time you make a payment, you can change your default privacy setting. Your future payments will automatically default to your preference, but you can adjust this before completing the payment. See instructions below on how to change your privacy setting
– When you transact with someone else on SendCrypto, including payouts from merchants or payments with business profiles, the more restrictive privacy setting between the two of you will be honored. If you have your payments set to Private but your friend has their payments set to Public, a payment between the two of you will be set to Private
– Purchases made using your SEND Debit Card, and purchases from merchants when you pay with SendCrypto are Private by default, but you can change the privacy setting on any purchase to share them
-All of your transactions, regardless of privacy setting, will still be visible in your personal transactions feed under the “Me” tab so that you have a transaction record

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