Reporting Fake or Suspicious Emails

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How do I spot and report a fake, fraudulent, or phishing email or website pretending to be SendCrypto?

We continuously work to address fake or “spoof” communication including emails, websites, and text messages. We review all submissions sent to us, and work with law enforcement around the world to stop online criminals.

When you aren’t sure if you can trust a communication claiming to be from SendCrypto, check to see if the message does any of the following:

Uses impersonal, generic greetings, such as “Dear user” or “Dear [your email address]”
Emails from SendCrypto typically address you by your first and last names or by your business name. We never say things like “Dear user” or “Hello SendCrypto member.”

Asks you to click on links that take you to a fake website
Always check links in an email before you click them. A link could look perfectly secure like If you’re on a computer, make sure to move your mouse over the link to see the true destination. If you aren’t certain, don’t click on the link.

Contains unknown attachments
Only open an attachment if you’re sure it’s legitimate and secure. Be particularly cautious of invoices from companies and contractors you’re not familiar with. Some attachments contain viruses that install themselves when opened.

Conveys a false sense of urgency
Phishing emails are often alarmist, warning you to update your account immediately. They’re hoping you’ll fall for their sense of urgency and ignore warning signs that the email is fake. If there’s an urgent need for you to complete something on your account, you can find this information by logging into SendCrypto app.

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