When can I send my cryptoback rewards to my connected web 3 wallet?

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You can send your collected SENDC cryptoback rewards to any web 3 wallets immediately after receiving them in your SendCrypto account, just bare in mind that the more SENDC you have in your SendCrypto wallet the higher the cryptoback percentage will be for your next purchase.

In case the cryptoback received for the current month exceeds the threshold for your card level at the moment of the cryptoback calculation, you will only be rewarded a partial cryptoback within the cap for the card level. Any further purchases you make within the month will not be rewarded any cryptoback. Cryptoback is calculated from the 1st day of the month at 00:00:00 UTC. The cryptoback limit will be reset every month, and you will be able to receive cryptoback rewards again in full according to your card level.

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